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VAPY Awarded

A line of premixes conquering even the most sophisticated tastes. Both flavours have won awards on international vape shows:

Cherry Pipe – a real treat for tobacco lovers. Cherry Pipe is the flavour that outclassed the competition in the Best Tobacco category during VAPER EXPO 2018 in Birmingham, UK.

Nordic Candy – a flavour conquering even the most sophisticated tastes. Right after it’s creation in 2016 it went to become the Best Candy e-liquid in Poland during the Vape Expo 2016 in Warsaw, Poland.

VAPY Summer Time

Perfectly refreshing, summer vapes – choose from 3 delicious flavours full of cooling refreshment!

Cool Lemon – feel the perfect combination of natural lemon aromas tinged with a hint of cooling effect. Sour refreshment will make your taste buds explode!

Green Splash – enjoy endless summer with the unique blend of mild cucumber and sweet-sour grapefruit followed with nice, cooling exhale. This combination gained a worldwide recognition – don’t hesitate! New vaping experience ensured!

Baywatch – fruit lovers will go crazy about crispy red apple, juicy peach and sweet strawberry. Well known tastes will make you reminisce perfect, summer evenings at the beach and a pleasant cooling sensation will help you to beat the tropical heat.

VAPY Silver Line

VAPY Silver Line is the newest proposition of 6 intensive tastes that will rock your world! Carefully selected, sophisticated aromas will satisfy even the most demanding vapers. Unique combination of fresh and sweet fruits, tinged with delicate and creamy flavors will change your vaping experience forever!

VAPY Complex Edition

VAPY Complex Edition is a line of premium e-liquids. Through years of extended experience and cooperation with testers around the globe we’ve created a series of bold and distinctive flavor compositions to satisfy even the most demanding vapers. That, along with the beautifully designed packaging, resulted in a hot-selling line of liquids. VAPY Complex Edition have been awarded on international trade fairs and are appreciated by vapers across the world.


VAPY TPD is a line of carefully selected, best selling classic flavors manufactured using only the highest quality, certified ingredients sourced from Europe. The minimalist, elegant packaging, the wide flavor variety and the optimal PG/VG ratio make VAPY the perfect choice for all vapers. The more proficient users will appreciate the possibility of combining the basic VAPY flavors to create completely new flavor compositions.

VAPY TPD e-liquids are registered in 19 EU countries.

VAPY Premix

VAPY Premix line – VAPY TPD flavors in a bigger bottle and shortfill form. The same delicious, classic favorites as the TPD line, but the bigger bottle will last you much, much longer.


Candy Shop

Candy Shop is a brand of nicotine free shortfill e-liquids. We gathered our childhood flavors and packed them in innoative bottles for your enjoyment. The line is a perfect mix of sweet and refreshing candies and drinks – the flavors you love in a guilt free form! Bottle with an innovative twist off nozzle makes adding nic shots clean and simple.


Mist yourself up thanks to light, refreshing, overflown with fruits Mistup e-liquids. A combination of fruity notes will make you feel as if you were on a paradise island. Rich flavors will intensify your relaxation with every inhale!


V.A.P ROOM is a new brand of premixes that will make you feel as it was the party of your life. A combination of alcohol and tobacco flavors will make your head spin! Prepare yourself for the most aromatic pleasure in your private V.A.P ROOM.

American Sweets

Forget about falling in love, American Sweets will fill your hear with sweetness. These are original recipes of American bakeries hidden in e-liquids. Unique compositions of juicy fruits, delicate cakes and creamy flavors create our new brand of dessert premixes. They will seduce even biggest opponents of sugary pleasures.



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